1) What type of styrofoam will you collect?

Styrofoam must be clean with no indication of stains, and no coloring or lettering. Styrofoam must be number 6! Also, styrofoam peanuts cannot be collected yet! For more information, refer to 'Monthly Styrofoam Removal'.

2) When will my styrofoam be collected?

Upon ordering, we will coordinate a pickup date which works best for your schedule!

3) What should I do with my styrofoam? 

Please gather the styrofoam into one group and location, and the styrofoam will then be removed! It doesn't have to be in a container, yet cardboard boxes are encouraged. Please do not use trash bags!

4) What should I do after I leave the styrofoam at the pickup location?

Absolutely nothing! Everything else will be handled by us. 

5) Help! I need to change the pickup time! 

Not a problem! Please email StyrofreeWorld@gmail.com and leave your new desired pickup time!


Have Any More Questions?

Email: StyrofreeWorld@gmail.com